The IMBY Company

Affordable, resilient, and flexible distributed power, heat, and cooling from local solid fuels is a reality.

Boson Energy's business rests on three central pillars of resilience:
- Low environmental impact
- 100% final energy efficiency
- High capital efficiency.

Boson Energy

A much needed solution

The global middle class will increase by 3 billion people until 2030. (OECD)

The global market is screaming for distributed high-efficiency solid-fuel solutions.

Boson Energy ticks all the boxes with our flexible storage-enabled gasification CCHP unit.

Boson Energy

Your friendly neighbour

Boson Energy offers attractive local solid-fuel solutions to both industry and communities in developed, emerging, and developing markets. Solutions that seriously address power poverty.

A Boson Energy system brings energy security, jobs and additional revenues to your community and region.

Boson Energy

A small footprint

Boson Energy is 100% committed to deliver a local resilient energy platform with true consideration for all aspects of environment, habitat, safety, energy security, local impact, and many more.

A Boson Energy plant is a plant you want to see and have in your neighbourhood - a true In My Back Yard-solution - IMBY

Boson Energy

We offer

Boson Energy's CCHP solutions produce 1-5 MWe of power and 2.5-12.5 MWth of thermal energy.

Ideal for on/off-grid base-load energy contracting to industry, hospitals, hospitality, district heat/cooling networks, refrigeration, de-salination, infrastructure, local rural/urban grids, etc.

Boson Energy

Our team

The Boson Energy team has long technical and commercial experience from the biomass, renewables, and power industry:

Including biomass supply chain, gasification, combustion efficiency, air pollution control, industrial development, SCM, commissioning and commercialization.

Boson Energy
Boson Energy

We want to meet

Are you a researcher or a company sharing our passion for resilient energy solutions, distributed hybrid solutions, energy, waste, water, etc? And share our vision that low environmental impact, 100% final energy, and high capital efficiency need to be the priorities when developing resilient energy systems? Perhaps an energy company or energy contractor and want to know more about Boson's solutions?

Simply drop us a line or give us a call. Our head office is located in Luxembourg.

Boson Energy SA
Z.I. Am Potaschberg · 19, op der Ahlkerrech · LU-6776 Grevenmacher · Luxembourg
Tel. +352 20 40 40 20 · Fax. +352 20 40 40 99 ·
Jan Grimbrandt CEO - Chairman of the Board Tel: +352 691 343 015 Skype: janbosonenergy
Prof. Wlodzimierz Blasiak Senior Group President Tel: +46 739 628 405 Skype: wlodekbosonenergy
Friedrich Heggemeier co-CEO Tel: +352 691 343 014 Skype: friedrichbosonenergy
Carl-Johan Pihlgren Senior VP Systems & Technology Tel: +46 708 506 506 Skype: carljohanbosonenergy
Michael Ryding Senior VP Projects Tel: +46 706 524 196 Skype: michaelbosonenergy
Aditya Sharma Senior VP Asia Tel: +352 621 169 152 Skype: adityabosonenergy
Dr. Weihong Yang Senior VP Research Tel: +46 705 495 168 Skype: weihongbosonenergy
Heik Zatterstrom Chief Communications Officer Tel: +352 621 515 747 Skype: heikbosonenergy
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