We transform waste

from existential threat

to a sustainable resource

"Every year, we discover several hundred new innovation companies, adding to the thousands already in our coverage. BOSON ENERGY has stood out from the crowd for the way it is approaching the challenge of Waste."

CEO of leading clean tech research group

supporting our existence

Clean Hydrogen and energy

from non-recyclable waste

Local net-CO2e-negative energy

Hydrogen, power, heat or GHG-free thermal cooling from local 'negative-value fuels'. For local direct or demand-response use without energy import.

True first-mile solutions

Thermal treatment of a wide range of biomass residues and non-recyclable wastes – MSW, RDF, medical and hazardous waste

Reducing urban stress

Clean and Distributed.100% waste elimination. Zero toxic residues. 70-90% less waste transportation and land-use. Maximum autonomy and resilience.

Medical Waste treatment in Corona times

Read the Waste360 article about the rollout of BOSON's medical waste treatment technology in the US together with Approved Storage & Waste Hauling. More... 


U.S. rollout of radically better, cleaner and cheaper medical waste treatment. More... 

Spring 2019 = Awards season

BOSON ENERGY has claimed double Red Herring 100 wins in Europe and North America. Also landed first price in CapGemini Invent's '#WhatsNext in cleantech' pitch contest at Vivatech in Paris. More... 

More news and information will soon be available in our updated news section. Limited news available here


BOSON ENERGY is rolling out the next generation of distributed sustainable waste-to-energy solutions that turn a wide range of mixed and hazardous wastes and biomass into Hydrogen and energy for direct local use. Our zero-residues technology also produces value added material rather than toxic ash requiring further treatment.

Residues & Waste
Solid Mixed &
Hazardous Waste
Toxic & Hazardous
Slurries, Liquids
& Gases

Our distributed 'first-mile' solutions deals with waste close to the source – literally within the first mile. This gives waste the unique capacity to support the circular and smart cities of the future. To relieve rather than cause urban stress linked to waste, power, cooling, water, pollution, transportation, land-use, and climate.

This, is our 100% SDGs vision for building urban autonomy and resilience.


We currently have commercial-scale projects in various stages of development in Germany, Poland, Israel, UK, US, India – from early-stage development to commissioning. 

Germany: Bio-heat center

Hydrogen-capable biomass gasification for combined heat and power production in a city center location of one of Germany's 'greenest' cities. More...

Country TBA: RDF Waste

Divert 160,000 tons of recycling refuse per year from landfill 250km away – together with the leading waste management company in the country. Check back for more project info.

US: Medical Waste

Shorten time-to-destruction from up to 8 weeks to less than 24h – together with a large tier-two medical waste hauler. More...


BOSON ENERGY is run by a dedicated management team with combined experience of 100+ projects in the €3m to €200m range . BOSON ENERGY is born out of the vision that the next generation of small scale technology is the way forward within waste and energy. The team is spread around a handful of offices around the world. HQ is in located Luxembourg. More on the team here...

Jan Grimbrandt

CEO & Founder

Experienced serial entrepreneur with 
25+ years in industrial cleantech hardware. Already sold two successful startups to SIEMENS AG and NALCO respectively

Liran Dor

CTO & Deputy CEO

15+ years in the international waste industry within technology, execution, and commercialisation

Prof. Wlodzimierz Blasiak


40+ years of applied thermochemical research and development experience in close cooperation with industry. 


BOSON ENERGY builds execution capacity and presence in markets together with global and local partners. Our global strategic partners include Siemens Energy, Doosan-Lentjes, and Thermax. They are actively involved in the work to standardise and modularise our system to achieve maximum speed and quality in rollout and execution. Check back for more information on our partnerships.

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