– for In My Back Yard

The IMBY Company


Boson develops and builds impact technology solutions. Solutions that produce resilient and affordable distributed Hydrogen, power, heat, and cooling for local economies ...delivering a completely new combination of efficiency, reliability, and availability

We believe in taking care of waste right where it happens. Not trying to deal with it further down the line, with complicated and expensive large-scale solutions. Large-scale solutions that in turn produce toxic waste themselves, squander large amounts of energy, and contribute rather than relieve stress on our communities, cities, and ecosystems – be it land, rivers, coasts, or oceans.  


We believe in solutions that completely eliminate the waste and turn it into usable materials that are safe for all eternity. We believe in extracting a maximum of power, heat, and cooling from the waste for direct local use. And we believe in living WITH the community and relieve stress rather than causing stress – be it pollution, traffic stress, power grid stress, land stress, or water stress. 



Boson Energy is the IMBY Company – for In My Back Yard. 


Boson Energy is 100% committed to deliver a local resilient energy platform with true consideration for environment, habitat, energy security, life cycle, local societal impact, and many more.


Boson Energy is passionate about bringing growth, prosperity, and hope to communities around the globe - that can bring children and women and everyone else safety, health, education and a future.  



BOSON ENERGY was founded in 2008 by co-founders Jan Grimbrandt and Professor Wlodzimierz Blasiak; to develop and commercialise technology for high temperature gasification of solid fuels for distributed generation of energy and production of Hydrogen.


Prior to BOSON ENERGY, Jan Grimbrandt co-founded and developed the business of Altoptronic a developer of advanced tuneable diode laser process analysers. Altoptronic was acquired by Siemens AG and renamed to Siemens Laser Analytics AB. Jan went on to co-found Mobotec Europe and having crossed paths in projects while Altoptronic, Jan  recruited Professor Blasiak to support the development of Mobotec Europe. While at Mobotec Europe and through Prof Blasiak's work at KTH, they assembled a technical team that formed the core of BOSON's core technical team.


At Mobotec Europe; the team developed, sold, and commissioned large and advanced projects within combustion optimization, emission control through advanced primary methods, fossil-to-biomass conversion, etc. - successfully beating some of the largest and most established players in the market by high quality executions of win-win solutions that did the job for clients. 


Mobotec Europe was sold to Nalco, and Jan and Prof Blasiak went on to found BOSON, where they were joined by CTO Liran Dor a few years later. Prof Blasiak had worked with Liran during several years prior to support the development of clean distributed waste gasification technology.