BOSON ENERGY speak twice at ISWA Global Congress in Kuala Lumpur

Conference – Kuala Lumpur – 22-24 Oct 2018

CCO Heike Carl Zatterstrom spoke about 'first mile' waste solutions (Big is Dead? Small is Beautiful!) and waste-to-cooling (Waste is Cool!) at International Solid Waste Association's Global Congress.

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CEO Jan Grimbrandt invited to McKinsey & Co's Global Infrastructure Initiative

Conference – London – 29-31 Oct 2018

CEO Jan Grimbrandt speaks at Israel’s third Annual Recycling Conferenc

Conference – Tel Aviv, Israel – 17 Oct 2018

Jan talked about new performance requirements on waste treatment and how first-mile solutions for waste can reduce (rather than increase) urban stress (pollution, traffic, land, cost) by being local, clean, and affordable.

Interview with BOSON founders Jan Grimbrandt and Prof Blasiak – where do we come from and what drives our markets and ourselves

Article - Global - Dec 2017

The Luxembourg Polish Chamber of Commerce featured BOSON in their Anniversary Edition magazine. Link to the article here

CEO Jan Grimbrandt joins panel on “Energy systems in the era of electromobility” at Polish-American Science and Technology Forum at Stanford University

Conference - Stanford University, US - 28 June 2017

The event features Dr. Mateusz Morawiecki, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and Minister of Economy and of Finance; Prof. James L. Sweeney of Stanford University; Dr. Piotr D. Moncarz, Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and Chairman of ElectroMobility Poland SA; and many other experts in the electromobilty domain. Link to event here

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BOSON ENERGY is a technology developer and service provider commercialising applied advanced thermal treatment solutions for mixed solid waste, hazardous waste and biomass residue.

BOSON ENERGY's distributed 'first-mile' solutions transform mixed locally available waste into clean and affordable power, heat, and GHG-free thermal cooling for direct local use – reducing stress from pollution and transportation in urban, agri/rural, and island contexts.


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IMBY - In My Back Yard

Boson Energy is The IMBY Company, and is 100% committed to deliver a local resilient energy platform with true consideration for all aspects relating to environment, habitat, energy security, local impact, and lifecycle impact.


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Mixed &
Solid Waste
Mixed &
Solid Waste
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