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Big is Dead? Small is Beautiful!
MONDAY | 22 OCTOBER | 14.00-16.00 (last presentation)
Plenary Hall, Level 1

Topic: Sustainable consumption and Waste Management in developing countries


Large scale incineration has been around for decades. But 85% of world’s waste is still today dumped, burned or landfilled at great cost to health and environment and without any kind of energy recovery. 


Is it time to rethink waste to energy? To focus on clean and affordable first-mile solutions rather than large-scale 'last-mile' solutions? Our planet is in urgent need of sustainable solutions to close this waste gap and harness the resource that is waste in a way that does not create toxic residues, realise the full energy potential, and does not cause additional stress on traffic, air, land, and water.

Waste is cool! How can waste-to-energy reduce stress on people, power grids, and climate by delivering thermal cooling?


TUESDAY | 23 OCTOBER | 16.00-17.30 (2nd last presentation)

Conference Hall 3, Level 3:

Topic: Energy Recovery and Biological Waste


Cooling is going from luxury to a global absolute necessity for health, life, and productivity. By 2050 air conditioning alone will consume the combined power generation capacity of US, EU, and Japan today. 40% of Asia’s power consumption will go to cooling, and at peaks it will go up to 70%. How can waste contribute to reducing this stress?


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Jan Grimbrandt

Founder | CEO | Chairman of the Board

JGRweb (a) bosonenergy.com

Jan Grimbrandt is co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of BOSON ENERGY. He is passionate about distributed cogeneration solutions, the critical role of customer-centric thermal cooling in resilient energy systems, and the necessity to take the full lifecycle into account when designing and executing solutions.


Also prior to BOSON, Jan was the driving force behind successfully bringing clean-tech and energy technology to the market and completed exits. He was co-founder and COO of Mobotec Europe AB (air pollution control and biomass conversion - acquired by Nalco) and co-founder and responsible for business development of Altoptronic AB (advanced tuneable diode laser analysers - acquired by Siemens AG).


Liran Dor

Chief Technology Officer | CEO Boson Energy Israel

LDOweb (a) bosonenergy.com

CTO Liran Dor has substantial experience and applied knowledge in global waste markets and technology. His 15 years in advanced thermal treatment of waste, includes serving as CTO of a waste ATT company in Israel, where he built and managed the team developing, executing, and operating the core technology demonstration plant in Israel.  

Liran is responsible for the development of BOSON’s Waste ATT technologies and manages the technical and engineering teams in BOSON. 


Heike Carl Zatterstrom

Chief Communications Officer

HZAweb (a) bosonenergy.com

Heike has 20 years in analytics and communication within security, research services, telecom, and energy industries. He has worked with strategy and communications assignments in Scandinavia, W/E Europe, Middle East and Central America. Prior to joining BOSON, Heike worked as Benelux COO for India headquartered offshore research and analytics firm Evalueserve. 



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