BOSON ENERGY is a main partner at the Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland; on 6th-8th September 2016
We will engage with Krynica on Business, Technology, Policy, and Culture – giving one of the opening ceremony keynotes, run two panel discussions, and organize a concert for the main cultural agenda
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Panel 1: 'Industry 4.0 will need Energy 4.0'

Panel - Krynica - 6 September 2016 - 16:00-17.15 - Stary Dom Zdrojowy, Budynek E – Sala Balowa

Will focus on the key role of distributed energy resources and 'island solutions' in building necessary energy resilience (i.e. the ability of an energy system to cope with change – be it sudden/catastrophic or shifting conditions over time) in the context of local/regional challenges, climate change, or changing market conditions. 

Panel 2: 'Building an Internet of Purpose to deliver performance over lifecycle'

Panel - Krynica - 7 September 2016 - 14:25-15:25 - Dom Forum, Building C – Zdrój

Will focus on the ways in which IoT and more generally intelligent assets will be revolutionizing the whole production process and address the challenges which are arising in its wake – from the type of “conductors” needed to direct the circular economy’s many “symphony orchestras”, to the gathering, processing and analyzing of unlimited amounts of data, all the way to the need for new approaches in engineering education and management. 

A unique cultural highlight featuring Grammy Winners Wlodek Pawlik and Gast Waltzing

Concert - Krynica - 7 September 2016 - Evening

A concert preceding the Forum’s main reception on September 7th, featuring the Grammy winner of Poland, Wlodek Pawlik, and Luxembourg’s Grammy winner Gast Waltzing, will round off Boson Energy’s involvement in the 2016 edition of the Krynica forum. A Luxembourgish 'vin d’honneur' will be offered on this same occasion, courtesy of Luxembourg’s Embassy to Poland. 

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BOSON ENERGY develops and delivers future-proof impact technology for energy, waste, water, and (e)mobility solutions


Affordable distributed co-generation solutions based on solid fuels – with system design criteria for high availability


True In My Back Yard solutions that build local resilience and prosperity in both developed and developing markets


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Team that were on location in Krynica 6-8th of September 2016

Jan Grimbrandt

CEO and Head of Sales

Prof Wlodzimierz Blasiak

CEO Boson Energy Polska &

Senior Group President Boson Energy SA

Liran Dor

CTO Boson Energy SA

Krzysztof Switalski

COO Boson Energy Polska

+48 506 143 670

Leshek Gladek

Expert Engineer

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IMBY - In My Back Yard

Boson Energy is The IMBY Company, and is 100% committed to deliver a local resilient energy platform with true consideration for all aspects relating to environment, habitat, energy security, local impact, and life cycle impact.


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