Press Release | 19 June 2019
Build-start for BOSON ENERGY gasifier in Stadtwerke Göttingen’s next-generation bio-heat centre

GÖTTINGEN, GERMANY. BOSON ENERGY’s gasification system will be part of Stadtwerke Göttingen’s new 9 MW 15-million-euro bio-heat centre. The centre will upgrade the capacity of SWG’s existing fleet of combined heat and power capacity. It will supply green heat to customers of Stadtwerke Göttingen with a view to also supply district cooling in the future. Göttingen is one of the ‘green cities’ of Germany and home to HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Art and its renowned biomass competence centre.

The value of BOSON ENERGY’s part of the project is 6 million euro. The project aims to demonstrate commercial performance of the H3TAG biomass gasification technology developed by BOSON ENERGY in cooperation with Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The capacity of BOSON ENERGY’s system will be 1MWe power and 1.5 MWth of heat. The power produced corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 2000 German households. 


BOSON ENERGY’s gasifier will run on regionally sourced wood chips and wood waste from local businesses. The combined output from the gasifier and boiler unit will increase Stadtwerke Göttingen’s biogenic heat generation from 30% to 65%. 

Jan Grimbrandt, CEO BOSON ENERGY: “Receiving a BImSchG [environmental permit] to operate in the city centre of Göttingen proves that BOSON ENERGY’s clean technology is a true ‘In My Back Yard’ solution. It shows the strength of our model to use local biomass and waste to produce sustainable power, heat and thermal cooling for direct local use in demanding urban environments.”

Lead partners in the project are Stadtwerke Göttingen, BOSON ENERGY, and global bio-heat leader Viessmann. Other key participants include BOSON ENERGY’s reactor manufacturing partner SAB Stahl- und Anlagebau in Luxembourg and HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Art in Göttingen.

Jochen Ritter, Head of Energy Services and District Heating, Stadtwerke Göttingen: “The new bio-heat centre represents an essential part of Stadtwerke Göttingen’s growth strategy in the field of district heating. It is a project that will have a reputation beyond Göttingen with regard to energy efficiency and environmental aspects. Lowering the PEF [Primary Energy Factor] value for the district heating supply is a key metric for us and with this project we will reach a major reduction from the current 0.43 to 0.2.”

Viessmann Holzfeuerungsanlagen GmbH will add highly efficient biomass boiler capacity to the centre to reach a combined total of 8 MWth of usable heat. When testing is completed, BOSON ENERGY’s gasifier will supply the baseload requirement of heat and power, while Viessmann’s boiler will balance the seasonal heat demand. The combined units will increase Stadtwerke Göttingen’s biogenic heat generation from 30% to 65%. The Luxembourg Government also supports BOSON ENERGY in the project with a €2.8m R&D grant. HAWK will provide ongoing scientific support to Stadtwerke Göttingen on performance and environment during the two-year demonstration phase. The centre is expected to enter operation in phases starting Q2 2019.

Peter Mender, Managing Director, Viessmann HFA: "We see large potential for gasification as an important complement to our world-leading range of wood-based boiler technology. A successful demonstration here joint market development together with BOSON ENERGY."

Jan Grimbrandt, CEO BOSON ENERGY: "We are very pleased with the opportunity to prove BOSON ENERGY’s ‘In My Back Yard’ model together with Stadtwerke Göttingen, Viessmann, SAB, and HAWK. The potential for plants like these are in the thousands in Germany alone, and we are now taking the first steps towards addressing that market. And keep in mind that the availability of wood waste is very similar in large parts of Central and Easter Europe. Especially in Poland there is also a large fleet of small-scale coal plants that urgently need replacing."

In addition to meeting the toughest emission regulations, the primary energy factor (PEF) is an important part of the ecological assessment of the project. The PEF quantifies the environmental effect of the supply of the final energy (heat and electricity in this case) all the way from raw material extraction to processing and transport. The lower the PEF value is, the more environmental-friendly is the generated energy. The project will take PEF value for the district heating supply from the current 0.43 to 0.2. For comparison, the PEF value for fuel oil is 1.1. 


Stadtwerke Göttingen AG has been a public utility for more than 150 years. Today the company supplies around 130,000 citizens with green electricity, natural gas, drinking water and sustainable district heating. As a modern municipal enterprise, the company keeps on developing state-of-the-art energy solutions for its customers. Stadtwerke Göttingen is focusing on the expansion of renewable energies as a future primary energy source as well as on improving energy efficiency.

BOSON ENERGY SA develops and commercialises distributed technology that allows for clean, affordable and reliable conversion of waste and low-value biomass into power, heat, and greenhouse-gas-free cooling for direct local use – as well as demand-response use if combined with storage of power and thermal energy. Waste is a fuel produced everywhere and BOSON ENERGY offers a unique way to use local waste to reduce urban stress and build autonomy, resilience, and circularity in cities of all means. BOSON ENERGY was founded in 2008 and is currently developing commercial projects in Germany, Poland, Israel, UK, US, and India. BOSON ENERGY is a winner of 2019 Red Herring 100 Awards for both Europe and North America. 



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The 'IMBY picture' from the roof illustrates how how close to surrounding city areas plants designed according to BOSON ENERGY's In My BackYard concert can be safely located. 

The group picture features from left to right: Frank Wiegelmann (kaufmännischer Vorstand Stadtwerke Göttingen AG), Jochen Ritter (Bereichsleitung Energiedienstleistungen und Projektleiter BWZ Stadtwerke Göttingen AG), Rolf-Georg Köhler (Oberbürgermeister Göttingen und Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender Stadtwerke Göttingen AG), Dr. Gerd Rappenecker (technischer Vorstand Stadtwerke Göttingen AG), Frank Scheuch (Geschäftsführer Boson Energy Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Göttingen)

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