of local waste and energy 

better-cleaner-cheaper future


We believe in taking care of waste right where it happens. Not trying to deal with it further down the line, with complicated and expensive large-scale solutions. Large scale solutions that in turn produce toxic waste themselves, squander large amounts of energy, and contribute rather than relieve stress on our communities, cities, and ecosystems – be it land, rivers, coasts, or oceans.  


We believe in solutions that completely eliminate the waste and turn it into usable materials that are safe for all eternity. We believe in extracting a maximum of power, heat, and cooling from the waste for direct local use. And we believe in living with the community and relieve stress rather than causing stress – be it pollution, traffic stress, power grid stress, land stress, or water stress. 


Yesterday's 'last-mile' model: 

Large-scale, Centralised, and Power-only


_Inefficient, inadequate, expensive. Only concentrates and destabilises waste into toxic ash – rather than eliminating it

_Squanders large amounts of energy when producing power only. The large-scale thermal grids that can boost efficiency basically only exist in parts of Europe.

_Long supply chains leak waste into nature – waste that finds its way back into our air, water, and food

_Requires aggregation large amounts of waste, contributing to traffic stress and local nuisance 

_It did not get the job done yesterday and will not meet future requirements

Today's 'first-mile' model: 
Small-scale, Distributed, and
 Power + Thermal


_Zero toxic residues – zero waste

_Up to double energy efficiency with local thermal matching 

_Transportation reduced up to 90% and minimal waste supply chain leakage

_Clean technology outperforming even the upcoming EU BREF emission regulations

_Land use and misuse reduced to minimum

_Dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions