BOSON ENERGY is ideally positioned to respond to the waste market challenges

We provide a closed loop system that treats and eliminates waste with no pollution to air, water or soil – and up to 95% reduction of initial waste volume processed, compared to the 70% achieved by incineration, and the 0% achieved by landfill.

Our distributed waste treatment system allows for no-nuisance treatment of waste locally 

This reduces the need for waste storage, limits congestion and pollution from transportation of waste and treatment residues to an absolute minimum, and aligns with the current shift towards a future where you are ‘responsible for your own waste’. That is an “In My Back Yard” solution (IMBY).


It works in both urban and rural settings, and is particularly suitable in island contexts due to the waste volume reduction into benign residue.

We integrate waste treatment with distributed cogeneration - producing power, heat, cooling.

This produces local power, heat, and cooling for local use at high levels of final energy efficiency. As opposed to incineration, requiring large scale to be cost effective, Our distributed approach requires low total-system investments, high speed of deployment, and the possibility for installations close to commercial and residential areas allowing for efficient use of thermal energy as heat or cooling.

Our solutions combine both proprietary- and partner technologies, to cover a broad spectrum of waste treatment needs for clients 

Boson Group has proven execution capabilities in advanced thermal treatment projects and supply chain management. Our partners include global brands and niche leaders in high temperature engineering and execution - supported by leading research partners. To secure quality and speed of rollout, we also partner with strong local partners in the markets.

High project profitability in combination with high modularity and redundancy

Together with revenues from energy produced, this makes our systems viable across wide range of wastes (Municipal, Commercial & Industrial, Hazardous- and Non-Hazardous Medical, Low & Intermediate Level Radioactive), and in a wide variety of situations (industrial, commercial, urban, residential, islands, etc.).